Join Marketspace Vendor Events’ Network of Vendors!

Attend any of our in-person vendor events by reserving one or more booths for your small business and set up your own table or display. We handle the social media and print marketing of the event.

And guess what... it's free to join!

How to Vend with Us:

  • Step One: Complete the Vendor Network Sign-Up Form below.

  • Step Two: Purchase one or more booth spaces at an event via the Events tab.

  • Step Three: An electronic contract will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Sign the contract within 48 hours to finalize your reservation.

  • Step Four: Utilize the Promotional Materials that we send via email. Most importantly, respond to and share the Facebook Event.

What We Provide:

  • Social media advertising of the event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in the Marketspace Vendor Events Newsletter

  • Print marketing (flyers, posters, banner) for the event (may include your brand name but does not include your brand logo)

  • Guest entry on our blog to showcase your product(s) and business leading up to the event

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