Anechó Coffee - Nikki Outlaw

Artisan:  Anechó Coffee

I grew up, like many of us, with the smell of coffee in the morning air. I don’t quite remember when it was that I started drinking it, but I haven’t stopped since then. My name is Nikki and my husband Brad and I run Anechó Coffee. Anechó Coffee is a mobile coffee shop, bringing fresh specialty coffee to you.

What we love about coffee is that it brings people together. It gives you something to warm your hands in the winter or cool you down in the summer. It is truly something special that as a society, we share both good and bad news over coffee. The word Anechó means “to bear with one another”. We want community and coffee to be at the forefront of our business, as it is our lives. We started the mobile coffee cart as a way to introduce it to others, and hopefully to gain enough traction to expand!

It’s been a dream of mine for many years to open a coffee shop and this was our way of starting on that road. We’ve traveled all over the US visiting many amazing coffee shops and we hope to bring some of that to New Jersey! My personal favorite coffee drink to get at a coffee shop or make at an Anechó Coffee pop-up is a cortado. Brad loves to get a shot of espresso or a pour over! What’s unique about us is that we can become a coffee shop right in your home, church, wedding venue, office... basically we can set up anywhere! We love bringing the world of specialty coffee into others’ spaces to enhance their day and foster community.

What drew us to Marketspace Vendor Events was the variety of events that they put on. We also love the variety of vendors that they have and feel we could be a great addition to their pop-up artisan markets with our artisan coffee! Who doesn’t love to shop with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cookie in the other?

Anechó Coffee will be at this upcoming event!
May 18, 2019 - Red Mill Retro Ride, Picnic, and Handcrafter’s Market in Clinton, NJ