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Q: I filled out the Become A Vendor form and have not heard back that I was accepted to your event. When will I hear back? +

A: The "Become A Vendor" form registers you for our FREE vendor network and email list. It does not commit you to vending at any of our events. You will, however, be the first to know about our events as they are added to our calendar, will be eligible for social media features, and can take part in our guest blog spot which includes professional editing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Q: I added a booth space to my cart, but don’t see a place to enter my credit card information. How can I complete my purchase? +

A: If you are using your smart phone to complete the process, the black cart icon will appear on the bottom of your phone screen. If using a computer, the black cart icon will appear in the top right corner. Please click on this icon to continue the purchase process.

Q: I have vended with you guys before. Why isn’t my information saved for quicker checkout? +

A: You'll be thrilled to know that we now have a "Create an Account" option which stores your information.

Q: I’m not great with computers! Can’t I just send you a paper application and check via snail mail? +

A: Part of our mission is to streamline the process and eliminate long wait periods. We are happy to walk you through the registration process, but at this time we cannot accept paper checks or applications.

Q: I want to submit a guest blog entry. How do I get started? +

A: We are happy to feature your blog! You can send us an email to request the template and check out our downloads page for tips!

Q: How can I send you product samples? +

A: Easy! We now offer our vendors the option of sending a small sample product to be reviewed and featured in a blog post written by our SEO expert! Your product will tap our social media reach on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may send samples to our new P.O.Box for review: Marketspace Vendor Events P.O. Box 662 Cranford, NJ 07016