Courtney McKenzie - Oh Rexy! Threads

Hi! Hello! Hey! My name is Courtney and I’m the creative mastermind behind Oh Rexy! Threads. My husband is active duty army and therefore we move around constantly. My mind decided that it was time to become my own boss and do what I can do to help out no matter where we go! I’ve always been a bit creative and so I decided to see what I could do! I started creating and did my first set of kids clothing for my best friend last year. It was so much fun and seeing the joy it brought to her face to see her kid decked out in custom threads made my heart so happy. So….Oh Rexy! Threads was born.

We specialize in putting vinyl and screen printed designs on textiles. Everything from baby bodysuits, canvas bags, hoodies, and pillow cases even! My favorite items are actually usually the custom ones I’ve been asked to create. Being able to bring someones thoughts to life is so much fun! If i had to name one item that’s been my favorite so far it would be a pillow case designed for an amazing friend. I traced signatures from her mother and grandmother, both who passed within a few months of each other. I partnered with her wife and had her get me notes that they had written to her and did a perfect trace of each. Then
put them on a pillow case and sent them to her. A top seller lately has definitely been my IT inspired tee that says “We all float down here.” That one is a consistent sellout on line as well as at events! Oh Rexy! Threads tend to be unique because not all items are ever the exact same thing. I like to take clothing I can find and put random designs on it. One design could be on 6 different shirts but none of those will look the same as it could be a different color shirt or a different color print.

I just want to continue to grow! I’ve already worked with movie directors, cosplay stars, and local businesses and just want to continue to do the same! I want to bring more ideas to life and more smiles to faces. I want to continue to partner with Marketspace Vendor Events because I feel like they know what it’s like to be the little guy - to find events to go to and places to get your name out. I want to help set up future events and participate in them as well! I will be at Crafts and Drafts at River Horse Brewing Company on October 29th!