Bill Farinella - Personally Yours Accessories

My name is Bill, I am a proud parent of 2 who mean the world to me (but then again what parent doesn't say that) and I want to leave them a legacy if they choose to pursue it. I want to teach them to go for what they believe in and work hard to get it done. I was presented with an opportunity to purchase equipment and supplies from a co-worker at my main job. He was selling his business as he didn't have the time to continue running it. It took me 6-7 months to become familiar with the business and how it all works. Day in and day out I was teaching myself new software and processes I knew nothing about. Once I was somewhat proficient in the technology and processes, I came up with a few designs and opened my Etsy shop for business.

We can customize many different items from phone cases to wall art large and small. The process is simple, select a picture or image you LOVE, select an item, we take care of the rest. We ALL take pictures, we all LOVE to look at our memories time and time again to bring back those feelings and happy times. Personally Yours Accessories takes pride in making sure that these precious memories become something you can cherish and enjoy every day. Our process is unique and allows you to create just about anything your imagination can drum up.

Starting about a year ago our goal was to build a base of customers that love out products. We have done just that. We were able to partner with a local University and become commercially licensed to produce items for sale in their stores as well as online. (BONUS) Next is to expand our product offering to include many more items that our customers can enjoy. Guess what, Marketspace Vendor Events is allowing us to do just that. We are bringing several new product lines to these events to YOU, our customers... quality items while you wait. Over the next year we plan to offer (online only - the printer is too big to bring with me :( ) new technologies that will allow me to print on items directly. Yes, you can mail items directly to me or purchase new ones. More details will follow over the next year or so. For now we are excited to start this process with Marketspace Vendor Events, Thank you for asking me to be part of this journey with you!