Oak Lane Woodworks - Chris and Becky LeLong

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Despite the current age of fast technology, there’s something special and nostalgic about putting a pen to paper. An ode to our ancestors or a sophisticated reenactment of one of our earliest learned skills, the feel of turning the pages and satisfaction of hand-written print becomes an accomplishment - whether compiling a list or composing a work of art.

We all use memo and note apps on our personal devices to keep daily to-do lists, shopping lists, and goal trackers. But physically writing out a list or crossing out met achievements feels more productive.

Studies have shown that writing things down best commits them to memory. The same can’t be said for typing on a keyboard or tapping letters on a touchscreen. These are just some of the reasons I was drawn to the art of lathe-turned pens.

To keep that feeling of sophistication and accomplishment in every day tasks, a quality writing instrument rather than a pen borrowed from the bank is essential. A strong pen that smoothly adorns paper with high quality ink encourages one to write more, to write better, to write smarter. A beautifully made writing instrument inspires the bearer to want more often. It encourages the writer to raise their standards and set higher goals.

Whether it's a tasteful natural wood pen or ostentatiously colored wood and acrylic pen with eye-catching accents, simple ballpoint or elegant fountain pen, I find joy in restoring a sense of quality to the recipient’s life. Oak Lane Woodworks strives to craft writing instruments of all styles that are pleasing to the eye, comfortable to the hand, and write as pleasurably as they look.

Oak Lane Woodworks will be at this upcoming event!
April 28, 2019 - Crafts and Drafts at Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar, NJ