Windbeam Pottery - Renee Pasek

Artisan:  Windbeam Pottery

My name is Renee Pasek and I am North Jersey clay artist, Windbeam Pottery. I have been creating art of one type or another since I was little. I copied everything my sister did from the time we were young, and I credit her for much of my artistic ability today. Having wonderful art teachers since middle school has also helped.

I studied Art Education in college which landed me the title of Middle School Art Teacher for the past 21 years and counting. Over the years, I created and sold my art in between marrying a man who has always admired me for my creativity and having two incredibly spirited children.

Wife, mother, teacher...I was itching to find my creative and therapeutic outlet. I would watch my students create such amazing things on a daily basis. I needed to find “MY THING”. Ever attuned and supportive, my husband brought dusted off the little 2-speed electric pottery wheel in our basement. I became hooked and taught myself the craft of throwing. I suddenly had the spark and confidence to share my creations on my Facebook page. The response I received from friends was incredible and it encouraged me to continue throwing more and more. People started reaching out about purchasing the pieces I posted, then tons of special orders started coming in.

Windbeam Pottery was formed from a love of clay and the inspiration of friends, family, and my lakeside surroundings which have helped me grow spiritually and creatively. I now have an indoor pottery studio built by my husband, Rob, and am continually encouraged by my children, Chloé and Jake, to spread my clay-covered wings

I am an indecisive Gemini so I cannot say I like creating one type of pottery over another. It changes like the wind depending on my mood and the season. In the winter, my most purchased items are mugs. In the spring and summer, berry and fruit bowls are top sellers. The free spirit in me loves to create wind chimes and jewelry, with ceramic earrings being among the most popular. This winter, I was commissioned to make a 10-piece place setting of dishes, salad plates and bowls. I was completely out of my comfort zone of making multiples, but felt creatively challenged and pushed to become a better potter.

I am a huge advocate of supporting local small businesses. I love working with Marketspace Vendor Events because they share my same vision of handmade products from hardworking, honest individuals. They bring many types of businesses together and help form relationships between unlikely trades and proprietors. Plus, they are really nice people :)

Windbeam Pottery will be at this upcoming event!
June 15, 2019 - Crafts and Drafts at Montclair Brewery in Montclair, NJ