12.2018 The Marketspace at Westfield

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  • After two weekends, our Facebook event reach was 35,824 and 1,911 total responses

  • Advertisements included: Postcard mailers sent to our target demographic in the Westfield area, Interview and event write-up in Westfield Area Magazine, Paid campaign on Facebook, Flyers distributed to Downtown Westfield businesses for display

  • We were highlighted by New Jersey Herald, 94.3 The Point, NJ101.5, and the New Jersey Board of Tourism as a top local activity

  • The event was listed on Alignable, NJ.com, NewJerseyIsntBoring.com, Mommy Poppins, and NJFamily.com among other calendar sites

Please rate the following based on your experience: *
Please rate the following based on your experience:
The concept of a Handmade Holiday Market helped me reach my target audience or establish a new audience.
I would attend an event in Downtown Westfield (storefront) again.
I see the value in the booth fee for this event given the level of advertising and location.
The Marketspace Vendor Events team was helpful to me before, during, and after the event.
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I utilized the marketing materials provided to me via email in advance of the event. *
(ie. sharing Facebook event, posting on vendor instagram, using hashtags, printing flyers, etc.)
My earnings (after subtracting the booth fee) from this event were: *
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