The Distracted Engineer - Harrah Newman

Artisan:  The Distracted Engineer

Hello! My name is Harrah and I am a graduate student working toward my PhD in Biomedical Engineering, but I am a very Distracted Engineer. I am an active pro-craft-inator and frequently use painting, upcycling, and other crafting outlets as my break from intense lab work.

My painting journey started when I broke my desk chair (oops) and needed a new chair. I found an old, dull wooden chair and decided I could easily brighten it up with a bit of paint. One chair quickly turned into two, then three, then a table, then a cabinet, and my original bit of paint quickly turned into many tubs of paint in every color I could find. I strive to create colorful pieces that will inspire optimism and induce smiles wherever they go.

I am an entirely self-taught artist and will often try out new designs and techniques. Every piece I make is unique. I use a range of colors, patterns, and layers of detail to create eccentric, whimsical designs. Despite variations in color and patterns, there is one consistent element in my pieces - polka dots - because I think they are wonderfully fun!

I love taking ordinary, mundane pieces and turning them into whimsical works. I have painted some funky pieces including antique milk jugs, old windows, mirrors, and a guitar, but I spend most of my time painting chairs, small tables, signs, canvases, and ornaments. My chairs are usually a big hit because people are not used to seeing such vibrant designs on furniture. I also really enjoy painting signs. I think people enjoy my signs because they don’t just come with bright colors, but also a positive message. My work is often a fun talking piece and can brighten up any space – kids’ rooms, office space, really anywhere.

I am really just starting my art venture but I look forward to learning and growing it in the near future. I am excited to be part of Marketspace Vendor Events so I can showcase my work at new venues.

The Distracted Engineer will be at this upcoming event!
April 28, 2019 - Crafts and Drafts at Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar, NJ