KidEssence - Tricia Lee

Artisan:  KidEssence

Hi. I’m Tricia Lee, owner and designer of handmade, technology-free children’s toys, KidEssence. My passion for sewing and creating things came shortly after my daughter, Erin, was born. I was struggling with postpartum depression and was encouraged to find an outlet that would help me focus on something other than the stresses of being a new mom.

My new hobby came in clutch as I was planning a trip to Niagara falls with my then 3-year-old, but dreading the 7-hour-long car ride. I desperately needed to arm myself with toys that would keep my daughter’s gears mentally and creatively turning while her body was physically strapped in the car seat. Thinking back to my favorite childhood activities, I knew exactly the travel toy to create. With crayons, paper, magnets and a few small toys, my daughter and I--and that very travel toy--set out on a journey to see "the big waterfall.” It was during that trip that I witnessed firsthand how easily a child in today’s technology- consumed culture could still use their imagination for entertainment and delight. Thus, the inspiration for KidEssence was born!

KidEssence handmade, tech-free toys promote creative, imaginative, and unplugged play. Our favorite and top selling items are travel chalkboards. They allow a child to create in an environment that may have them physically limited. Despite being “stuck”, their imagination does not have to be contained. With KidEssence toys, they can create, problem-solve, and imagine without limits. KidEssence travel toys maintain sanity for parents in situations like waiting at the doctors office, restaurants, car rides, planes, trains, and even at home.

We are excited to be a part of Marketspace Vendor Events because it gives us a great avenue to connect face-to-face with our customers. Meeting people that enjoy our products as much as we do is one of the highlights of this partnership. Our goal for the future is to continue educating parents and caretakers about the amazing benefits of screen free, creative and pretend engagement. We believe that children learn best through play. We want to live in a world where every child is empowered through the skills they discover while their imagination runs wild. We know that open play helps children learn about themselves and the world, work through new life issues, and cultivate social and emotional intelligence. We refuse to limit a child’s ability to create and imagine. Join us in empowering your little one while they learn to live, love and laugh through play!

KidEssence will be at this upcoming event!
June 15, 2019 - Crafts & Drafts at Montclair Brewery in Montclair, NJ