AfterRain - Jenna and Bobby Lazar

Hello! My name is Jenna Lazar and I am the co-owner of AfterRain. My husband, Bobby, is the other half of the equation! AfterRain is a small Asbury Park, NJ photography and printing company. We refer to our craft as Functional Art™. We decorate items that you can use most days, if not everyday, with photography and graphic designs. I am the photographer while Bobby is the maker. We first began our craft when we wanted an outlet for my photography that wasn’t paper based. We both come from a family of entrepreneurs so we had a lot of guidance and support.

AfterRain creates items such as coasters, cutting boards, flasks, bottle openers, hot plates, passport cases, and other functional items. Our top sellers are our coasters. They are all mix and match and super fun! We have photographic scenes from all over the Jersey Shore. The process we use is unique in the sense that all of the images are absorbed into the substrates. We do not use stickers, decals, or glazes.

Our goal for our future business is to keep growing and getting to know our community. We would love to host a beach clean up in the near future! This is our first event with Marketspace Vendor Events and we are very excited to partner with them at Crafts and Drafts at Beach Haus Brewery this spring. Festivals and events are a huge part of our business. We love getting to meet new customers and business owners.

AfterRain will be at this upcoming event:
April 28, 2019 - Crafts and Drafts at Beach Haus Brewery in Belmar, NJ

Lisa Richter and Lauren Coddington - Love and Lettering

Hello! We are Lauren and Lisa, two creative pals with a passion for spreading love, positivity, and good energy through our artwork!

About a year and a half ago, Lauren found herself coming across more and more naturally occurring hearts in her day to day life. She called them "random love", and began photographing them to post on social media. The response was overwhelming – this somehow inspired friends and family to notice "random love" along their paths. After so many people began reaching out to Lauren for sparking their own random love finds, she realized that she was making a difference in the way people saw the world.  Shortly thereafter, Love Along The Way was born. Lauren hopes that her photos will brighten people's spaces and continue to encourage them to find love along their way!

Lisa started leebee letters, and creates digital, hand-lettered images (including custom and personalized pieces) featuring positive quotes, phrases, and affirmations using a stylus and an iPad. After growing through a tough patch of life, she found reading positive messages, practicing mindfulness, and using affirmations played a big part in her overall happiness. She decided to start creating her own as an outlet, & then started sharing her work on social media. People responded with their own stories of coming through tough times, sharing that the positive messages gave them a boost of hope or strength, or simply put a smile on their face. Pulling inspiration from mindfulness practices, the beauty in the world around her, and anything promoting positive vibes, Lisa aims to inspire, motivate and provide hope and happiness with her work.

Together, we are Love & Lettering and the journey so far has been amazing!  Even though our two art forms are different, they complement each other, both promoting the message of looking for the good in every day, something we can always use more of in the world. We attended our first joint event back in November 2017, and it has been a whirlwind adventure ever since.  We are so looking forward to meeting you! We are incredibly excited and honored to be working with Marketspace Vendor Events at the April 2018 Crafts and Drafts at River Horse Brewing Company. We cannot wait to share our story and to hear yours! Going forward, we plan to continue deepening our collaboration and expanding so we can spread the love as far and wide as possible!