Bill Farinella - Personally Yours Accessories

My name is Bill, I am a proud parent of 2 who mean the world to me (but then again what parent doesn't say that) and I want to leave them a legacy if they choose to pursue it. I want to teach them to go for what they believe in and work hard to get it done. I was presented with an opportunity to purchase equipment and supplies from a co-worker at my main job. He was selling his business as he didn't have the time to continue running it. It took me 6-7 months to become familiar with the business and how it all works. Day in and day out I was teaching myself new software and processes I knew nothing about. Once I was somewhat proficient in the technology and processes, I came up with a few designs and opened my Etsy shop for business.

We can customize many different items from phone cases to wall art large and small. The process is simple, select a picture or image you LOVE, select an item, we take care of the rest. We ALL take pictures, we all LOVE to look at our memories time and time again to bring back those feelings and happy times. Personally Yours Accessories takes pride in making sure that these precious memories become something you can cherish and enjoy every day. Our process is unique and allows you to create just about anything your imagination can drum up.

Starting about a year ago our goal was to build a base of customers that love out products. We have done just that. We were able to partner with a local University and become commercially licensed to produce items for sale in their stores as well as online. (BONUS) Next is to expand our product offering to include many more items that our customers can enjoy. Guess what, Marketspace Vendor Events is allowing us to do just that. We are bringing several new product lines to these events to YOU, our customers... quality items while you wait. Over the next year we plan to offer (online only - the printer is too big to bring with me :( ) new technologies that will allow me to print on items directly. Yes, you can mail items directly to me or purchase new ones. More details will follow over the next year or so. For now we are excited to start this process with Marketspace Vendor Events, Thank you for asking me to be part of this journey with you!

October 29th - Crafts and Drafts Pop-Up Craft Market at River Horse Brewing Company

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This Sunday we will host our second event by the 'Crafts and Drafts' name, a craft market of talented artists and makers at River Horse Brewing Company in Ewing, NJ. This warehouse takeover will be our largest event yet, both in the number of vendors we are bringing together and in the 43.9K (and counting) social media reach. There will be 40+ craft vendors to shop during the day (with a beer in hand of course).

But that's not all... we will also be fueled by Taste of Poland's delicious kielbasa and beer sausage skewers, The Good Donut Shop's miniature donuts served warm with toppings to match the brewery's tappings, AND Koneheads Ice Cream, a local Ewing business that delivers novelty ice cream with blast from the past flavors- Fruity Pebbles, anyone?

The pairing of draft beer and craft goods has always made sense to us. And lucky for us, it make sense to the brewery owners and craft vendors we meet. Here is a preview of what Marketspace's Craft and Draft at River Horse Brewing Company has on deck. We will see you there!

Anna Lapan - Crochet Toys Corner

My shop is a result of my love for crochet, soft yarns, kids, colors and the longing for the toys of olden days, as opposed to battery or USB operated toys.

I wanted to make simple, not super fancy, and sophisticated softcreatures that are a nice gift.  The kind that the child will always remember as part of his sweet childhood memories.  My cute and cozy knitted and designed characters, stuffed toys, and dolls decorate any home.

I have been making dolls and toys for the last 3 years.  Many of my creatures have taken very lovely parts in the lives of their buyers: blue donkey became a ring holder on her wedding, popular tiger was sent to an expectant mother by her husband from his military service, cute sheep went to sweeten one child's bedtime.  All of them are unique, made with love and care in every stitch.

My goals for the future include reaching more potential customers and to increase the number of orders of my work. Since the Marketspace Crafts and Drafts at River Horse Brewing Company on October 29th will be my first encounter with this type of event,  I hope it will give me the opportunity to actualize my goals. 

Scott DeCaro - Woodbridge Center Review


“This is going to go one of two ways.  I’ll either sell out in the first hour or I’ll sell nothing at all.”  Those were the words that I uttered as I was beginning to set up for the Pop Up Market at Woodbridge Center.  Truth be told, I was exhausted yet strangely filled with energy as I spoke them.  On the one hand, I’d been preparing extensively for the past couple weeks for my first event, ordering copies of my own books to sell, getting the supplies I needed such as a folding table and chairs, purchasing craft supplies (more on that later), getting and testing devices so I could accept credit card payments, and working on my website, which you should absolutely check out if you are reading this.  But on the other hand, it was my first event, and I found it impossible to go into it as exhausted as I felt, so I put on a much more energetic smile.  I was enthusiastically ready to sell out, hoping to sell out.  After all, there was no way I could sell absolutely nothing at all, right?

Well, I didn’t sell out in the first hour – or at all, to be honest.  I’m not surprised by that, considering how many books I ordered to make sure I would have enough for the entire event.  But I did sell my books, which is something I haven’t done online in some time.  I consider this event to be a resounding success.  I got my name out there at a mall, with a ton of people walking by my table and noticing my books – even if they didn't buy them then, there is value in people recognizing one's name as an author.  In addition, a number of people who didn't buy books took business cards and fliers promoting my next book.  And, considering it was my first event selling my books, I got a feel for what it would be like and already have ideas on what to do next time that will help me to sell even more and to further promote myself, something which you might remember I wasn't doing at all prior to this event.  All in all, for me this was a wonderful jumping off point, a place to start to get a feel for what will go into future events and a great way for me to begin promoting myself.  When the day was over, I left feeling truly more energized than I did when I started, and I’m ready to go to the next one.  Having a few complete strangers walk up to me, express interest in and even buy my books...  That was an amazing, inspiring feeling.

Speaking of inspiration, I mentioned crafting supplies earlier.  Why would a writer need those, you ask?  Well, a writer does not – but someone who makes crafts would, and my first event really inspired me.  Sure, I want to continue writing and selling my books.  It's my passion.  It's what brought me to the dance, so to speak.  But hearing about all the various types of crafts that would be there and then seeing different vendors selling things they'd made with their own hands amazed me.  I couldn't believe that most of the people there had crafted such beautiful pieces of clothing, art, and even glassware in their own homes and that it turned out as great as it did.  I have to confess that I did not make a profit selling my books because instead I spent any money I made and then some on all sorts of amazing stuff from the other vendors!  It all got me wondering if I could make something of my own – the same kind of wondering I did when I considered whether or not I could really tell a story long enough to fill the pages of a book.  I know the answer to that question to be yes, but only because I took the initiative, put my pen to the paper, and started to write.  So now, having been to my first vendor event, I'm going to put knife to wood and carve some pieces, and see how I do selling those along with my books.  Maybe they won't turn out so great.  Maybe I'll become a great artist and my books will largely be forgotten.  Maybe when I bring those crafts to a vendor event I won't sell much of anything, or maybe I'll sell out in the first hour.  Who knows?  All I know is I won't know until I try.


Well, maybe that's not ALL I know.  I know I hadn't even dreamed of making things with my hands before my first vendor event.  I'm a writer, not an artist.  I can dream up worlds, but I can't ever seem to get drawings, paintings, sculptures, or carvings to turn out the way I want – or at least I never used to be able to.  I don't know if I will be able to now – but I've been inspired to try, all thanks to my first vendor event.  Just as I wonder if I'll be able to make anything worthy of being sold, I have to wonder... What will happen when you try your first vendor event, either selling what you've made or attending to see what's there?  What will you be inspired to do or to create?  There's really only one way to know...

Courtney McKenzie - Oh Rexy! Threads

Hi! Hello! Hey! My name is Courtney and I’m the creative mastermind behind Oh Rexy! Threads. My husband is active duty army and therefore we move around constantly. My mind decided that it was time to become my own boss and do what I can do to help out no matter where we go! I’ve always been a bit creative and so I decided to see what I could do! I started creating and did my first set of kids clothing for my best friend last year. It was so much fun and seeing the joy it brought to her face to see her kid decked out in custom threads made my heart so happy. So….Oh Rexy! Threads was born.

We specialize in putting vinyl and screen printed designs on textiles. Everything from baby bodysuits, canvas bags, hoodies, and pillow cases even! My favorite items are actually usually the custom ones I’ve been asked to create. Being able to bring someones thoughts to life is so much fun! If i had to name one item that’s been my favorite so far it would be a pillow case designed for an amazing friend. I traced signatures from her mother and grandmother, both who passed within a few months of each other. I partnered with her wife and had her get me notes that they had written to her and did a perfect trace of each. Then
put them on a pillow case and sent them to her. A top seller lately has definitely been my IT inspired tee that says “We all float down here.” That one is a consistent sellout on line as well as at events! Oh Rexy! Threads tend to be unique because not all items are ever the exact same thing. I like to take clothing I can find and put random designs on it. One design could be on 6 different shirts but none of those will look the same as it could be a different color shirt or a different color print.

I just want to continue to grow! I’ve already worked with movie directors, cosplay stars, and local businesses and just want to continue to do the same! I want to bring more ideas to life and more smiles to faces. I want to continue to partner with Marketspace Vendor Events because I feel like they know what it’s like to be the little guy - to find events to go to and places to get your name out. I want to help set up future events and participate in them as well! I will be at Crafts and Drafts at River Horse Brewing Company on October 29th!

Christina Borchert - New Pride Designs LLC

Hi, my name is Chrissy and I am the CEO and Head Artisan at New Pride Designs LLC.  I started making jewelry when I was debilitated from a severe back injury.  I was stuck in bed and couldn’t do anything.  However, I soon figured out I could make jewelry while I was disabled.  During that time, I realized I had a niche that I loved: LGBT jewelry.  After 3 surgeries, I could finally do more activities and that is when I started doing vendor events.

We hand-make rainbow jewelry, candles, lanterns, blankets, and some other items coming soon are tee shirts and soap.  Everything we make is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender themed.  We also do custom colors for other sexualities and genders upon request.

You can find me and my display at the Pop-Up Craft Market at Woodbridge Center on Saturday, October 14th. This is the first time we are working with Marketspace Vendor Events.  We hope this is the beginning of a long positive relationship with them.

October 14th - Pop-Up Market at Woodbridge Center

In ten days we will debut our very own Pop-Up Market in Center Court and the Sears Wing of New Jersey's second largest shopping mall, Woodbridge Center. When Marketspace Vendor Events was originally conceived, one of the first big ideas was to host a craft artisan and small business market inside of an enticing, high-traffic space where business owners could get the recognition they deserve, but perhaps did not have the means to secure on their own. We knew we wanted to help the "little guys" and a few short months later, this concept is now a reality for 30 of our in-network vendors.

We intend on making the mall Pop-Up Market a staple in the event calendar of Marketspace Vendor Events so that we can extend the opportunity to our wide variety of vendors.

Our showcase consists of local treasures from craft artisans and small business owners alike. Indulge in the full sensory shopping experience and leave with a few memorable treats. Here is a preview of what Marketspace's Woodbridge Center Pop-Up Market has to offer. We hope to see you there!


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